Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday's Fearless Forecast #2

Jeremy Lin will average more than 20 mpg.

Here is why:

-He will back up at the point and at the 2 guard spot
-Will compete mainly with Charlie Bell, a solid, decent vet for PT at the guard positions
(Carney, Williams, and D. Wright will get a little time at the 2)
-Nellie will play a lot of small ball three guard lineups
-Defensively, he can guard the 2 spot at 6'4" 205 lbs
-Offensively, his strength is the pick and roll
-Monta has averaged less than 60 games per season in his career
-Majority Owner, Joe Lacob is a big supporter
-Pargo did not sign, probably realizing they will give JLin minutes
-and lastly, JLin is a good athlete, a proven winner, has a high bball IQ, and is a money player


  1. Totally possible. Won't say probable unless Ellis is traded, but Lin will surprise doubters (yet again) with how much time he gets.

    Also, the Ws are not serious playoff contenders, and Lin is an exciting player (on both ends of the floor) who is a hometown kid. Just listen how popular he was during Vegas Summer League. Imagine how it'll be when he's playing in the Bay Area with all his friends, family, and Asian-Am fanbase and Dub fans who love underdogs. If he plays well and doesn't get ~20 mpg by season's end...there'll be a veritable riot.

    P.S. Thanks so much for the site, but could you do without the cheesy Photoshop-effect background/banner?

  2. The site looks 10 times better than it did a month ago. I like the images and I like the background. Keep up the good work. There's also a new NYTimes article on Jeremy Lin too: