Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Warriors Schedule Is Out

The NBA released the 2010-2011 schedule today and here are some of the GS Warriors big games:

  • Oct 31 @ LA Lakers - First game against the Lakers, JLin vs Kobe.
  • Dec 10 vs. Miami - Only home game to see Lebron and DWade. JLin vs DWade.
  • Dec 22 vs. Boston - Only home game against the Celtics. JLin vs Rondo, Ray Allen.
  • Dec 25 vs. Portland - Christmas Day Game on National TV. JLin vs Brandon Roy.


  1. Good stuff man. A lotta ppl watch bball on xmas so if he does well, its gonna be real good for his brand

  2. Cool. But what about the schedule for JL7 versus John Wall Part II & Part III? Because the Summer League matchup was epic!

  3. lol "JLin vs Kobe". i'm a fan but that may be a bit of a stretch.

  4. lol "JLin vs Kobe". i'm a fan but that may be a bit of a stretch.

    "vs" doesn't mean they're equal. It just means he'll be guarding and guarded by Kobe.

  5. when are tickets going to be on sale? The website just says "soon"

  6. I'm just wondering, wouldn't he guard other PGs rather than guard SGs? And be realistic here boys, I don't know if he's going to start... If anything he'll be facing the opposing team's Bench.

  7. Jeremy Lin has already said he's coming in as a PG, which means he'll face competition from other Warriors guards Stephen Curry and recently signed Pargo.

    It's not Kobe vs Lin, if that happened Kobe would tear him up. I would not want Lin to guard Kobe, that's a huge mismatch of epic proportions.

    Let's get off the Lin crack pipe for a second and think rationally, most likely he will guard either Fisher or Blake if he plays PG. If he plays SG for whatever reason, most likely he will be facing the Lakers subs which could be either Sasha, Shannon Brown, or even Matt Barnes.

    It's possible he might guard Kobe, but he definitely will not be for the whole entire game as he didn't even guard John Wall the entire summer league game.

  8. JLIn vs Kobe was meant to get us JLin fans excited. I'm not saying that they'll be guarding each other the entire game. However, they could be matched up at some point. The first time JLin crosses over or scores on Kobe, Oracle will be going crazy.

    On the defensive end, right now JLin is the biggest 2 guard on the roster besides Dorel Wright. Wright is the guy I would put on Kobe.

    As for mismatches, Monta held his own on Kobe this past season. JLin will become a better defender than Ellis, if he isn't already.