Tuesday, August 3, 2010

JLin Averaged 1.1 Blocks Per Game

Can't think of any other point guard in the NBA who averaged over a block per game in college. Dwyane Wade did but he's a 2.

Can you think of anyone?


  1. This is a fact many articles leave out -- it's quite staggering. I think they chalk it up to a fluke or weak Ivy competition. The fact is, he averaged as many blocks (more?) against quality opponents as he did against less athletic Ivy teams. Also, he averaged .6 blocks in his junior year (which is still way above average for a guard).

    AND during summer league he had one (two?) blocks, two tipped-shots, and that stuff/tie-up of John Wall. His shot altering abilities are no fluke because he is a GREAT leaper -- not height-wise, but accuracy and timing-wise.

  2. Anonymous, thanks for the nice commentary.

  3. well, Lin was a 2 in college too.