Friday, July 30, 2010

Warriors are getting a Steal!

Per Hoopsworld:

Jeremy Lin's Salary:
2010-2011 2011-2012
$474,604 $788,872

What a steal for GS. The Warriors will make way more on extra season ticket sales alone, not to mention merchandise sales. Also, I can't wait to see Jeremy prove all the naysayers wrong. In my opinion, he'll get plenty of playing time because:

1) He is a better defender then either Curry or Ellis (size to defend the 2)
2) Pick and Roll prowess (NBA is all about pick and roll)
3) Intangibles - Character, Leadership, Hustle, Work ethic, B-ball IQ (New ownership is all about attitude)

What do you think?


  1. The Warriors definitely get a great deal out of it. Jeremy has what it takes to play in the NBA, not to mention the game he played against John Wall in the summer league. I am looking forward to seeing him playing next season!!! It would be great if he got picked by the Toronto Raptors so that I could watch more games of his!

  2. the two most important factors that will determine his success is free throw shooting and the pick and roll. the fact that he drives to the basket and always welcomes contact will mean that he get fouled frequently and will be shooting a boatload of freethrows. whether it's with biedrins, lee, udoh or wright the pick and roll will be essential and effective. if he can run it like curry does he will have plenty of minutes. I cant wait for the season to start! thank god i live in the bay... i can see all of his games!

  3. Agree Anonymous. He must improve his free throw shooting. He shot 73% over his college career. Needs to be at least high 70's low 80's.

  4. It has yet to be determined whether Lin is a better defender than Curry or Ellis. Size is not the only factor obviously. I agree he has a very good chance to develop into a savvy defender though.

  5. True, size is not the only factor. However, realize that JLin is about 3/4" to 1" taller and at least 20-25 lbs bigger than both. His blocks per game for a guard in college are Dwayne Wade like. Off course, it was in the Ivy League but it seemed to translate well in the pro game aka John Wall game :-).

  6. defense would be a factor, except that he's playing for Don Nelson!