Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm here waiting for press conference to start!


  1. Jeremy Lin has earned a fan for life.

    I truly thought he was the best player on the Mavs summer league team despite his limited minutes, and if the Mavs would have signed him, I think it would have been the steal of the draft.

    No hard feelings for signing with his home team, because I can't say I wouldn't have done the same. Best of luck to Jeremy, and I hope he continues to defy the odds throughout a long and productive NBA career.

  2. Was hoping you'd sign with the Knicks since I'm from NY, but still can't wait to see you play in the NBA. I'm definitely getting a ticket once the Warriors come to NY.

    Best of luck in your career!

  3. Warriors got themselfs a steal with Lin, he proves he can play and excel at each level he's been on with his work ethic and basketball IQ, just a gut feel he's going to be a great playmaker once he adepts the nba style offense, 2 - 3 years he's going to be an the way when is his jersey coming out I wanna buy 3

  4. jeremy is my coach hes an awsome instructor hell do great in warriors look out curry