Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All Eyes were on Jeremy Lin in Taiwan!

Jeremy's line at Yao's Charity Game:

17 points
3 assists
3 rebounds
4 steals

He also participated in the Slam Dunk and 3 Point Shooting contest.

See full story by clicking here.

Per Anonymous below, additionally:

29 Minutes
6-11 fg/fga
3-5 3pt
0 turnovers (from link)

Jeremy also met the President of Taiwan, Ma Jing-jeou!


  1. In addition to what you said, he played for 29 minutes, shot 6/11 from the field including 3/5 from the 3-point line.

    He also met the President of Taiwan, Ma Ying-jeou.

  2. Result of some googling:
    Pics and a video including one of his dunk contest dunks.