Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Next Jeremy Lin?

Check out this 7th Grader: Kory Matsuno.


  1. Jeremy Lin can be a huge money maker for any team even if he is not the best.

    Jeremy Lin can certainly play the NBA and we need the diversity anyway.

    Smart owners will pick him up in a flash.

  2. All these kids look so short they look like 3rd Graders. I can't believe these are 7th.

  3. This kid is decent but his competition is not very good plus it looks like he's playing with a smaller ball. That's the only way he could dribble a ball between his legs with that much room. It's a long way to even college ball, let alone the NBA.

  4. Dear Anonymous
    Umm look at him now ..... ouch you must feel terrible inside..... wow a
    year and 2 months ahead and he is on the top
    But i was also surprised too since i didn't expect this.