Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Showing at Portsmouth Invitational

After a disappointing end to his college career, Jeremy Lin performed well at the Portsmouth Invitational. His showing may not have been good enough to get him drafted, but demonstrated that he is very close. His assist totals (and positive scout comments, draft chances) make me feel he is very capable of playing point guard at the next level, something he didn't do much of at Harvard. My biggest concern would be his jump shot. He just needs a shooting coach, and needs to be taking 600-700 shots a day minimum.

Here are his stats for the 3 games:

fg 12-20 (60%)
3pt 1-2 (50%)
ft 6-10 (60%)
pts 10.3
rebs 1.7
assists 6.0
blks .7
stls 2.7

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