Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Sports Illustrated Jinx Lives On

Just days after Harvard and Jeremy Lin were highlighted in Sports Illustrated, they had their heads handed to them by the Cornell Big Red 86-50. There is no doubt that Cornell is legit after this thumping of Harvard and barely losing to Kansas at Kansas. We now need to see how much improvement Tommy Amaker can get out of this young team before they face the Big Red again in less than 3 weeks. One thing is almost for certain, the next time they meet at Harvard, the Cornell Big Red will be in the Top 25.

The Sports Illustrated Jinx is actually for people/teams on the cover. Harvard didn't even get on the cover but still fell prey to a little too much hype. Cornell on the other hand, is very underrated and definitely a top 20 team.


  1. I didn't watch the game, but it looks like Jeremy did his fair share by scoring 19 of his team's 50 points and making 6 of 9 from the field, 7 of 8 from the line. How did Cornell defend him? Just curious about the unusually high 8 turnovers. Thanks!

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    Jeremy Lin - 27.6%
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