Thursday, August 23, 2018

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Happy Birthday JLin!!!

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As Jeremy Lin turns 30, lets see how Steve Nash and Jason Kidd did at the same age and beyond. I've always felt Jeremy's game was a cross between the two.

Steve Nash:

30 - LEAGUE MVP 15.5 PTS, 11.5 ASTS
30-38 - Played at high level

Jason Kidd:

30 - 15.5 PTS, 9.2 ASTS
37 - NBA CHhampionship
30-37 - Played at high level

Monday, July 30, 2018

Getting Better

Things are falling into place.

1. New do:

2. Bazemore trade coming soon?

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Golden State Warriors East!

Please listen to this podcast:

First time ever listening to this guy and so impressed. He's not an official Hawks reporter but does more research and analysis then 99.9% of reporters out there. Honestly, the only Nets media person who impressed was Sarah Kustok and only with her hoops knowledge.

This guy, Jae Joc, gets Jeremy and what he brings to the table. He understands that the Hawks who just brought in Larry Riley (right before trading for Jeremy), and then Head Performance Therapist Chelsea Lane (GSW's secret weapon) are heading in the right direction. They're following the Warriors blue print with former Warrior Travis Schlink(responsible for Draymond pick) as GM and this is great news for Jeremy. They really gave up a lot to bring him in. Basically giving up 13.8 million in cap space without any guarantee that he'll be close to 100%.

After really soaking things in, I'm really happy he is now a Hawk. Yes, the downside is having to visit Atlanta instead of Brooklyn when they make the playoffs. But I like this roster much more than the Nets. They have shooters everywhere. See comps of top 7:

Bazemore 39%  Crabbe 38%
Collins 34%.      RHJ 24%
Detmon 36%      Allen 33%
Prince 39%.        Carroll 37%
Huerter 42%.      Dinwiddie 33%
Spellman 43%.   Lavert 35%
Trae 36%.           DLo 32%

With Schroeder all but out the door and possibly Bazemore as well, the Hawks are looking for Jeremy to step in and lead these young guys on and off the floor. As crazy is this may sound, this looks like a better opportunity than the Nets, with a better roster of shooters and athletes. Don't be surprised with a healthy Jeremy leading the Hawks to a better record than the Nets and even sneaking into the playoffs. Man, wouldn't that be something!

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Let's go Jeremy! Get healthy and lets go Hawks!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Jeremy Traded to the Hawks

Man, really so sad to see Jeremy leaving Brooklyn. You could kinda see the writing on the wall. The Nets are building and needed his salary to make their other trade for Faried and Arthur work (also salary dumps). He really didn't get a chance to show his stuff with all of his injuries the past 2 years. You'd think with the new Taiwanese owner would want to keep him but can't blame Sean Marks for looking towards next years free agent class. You have to thank the Nets for the $36 million and move on.

Atlanta seems like an odd fit but look for the Hawks to trade Schroeder. If they do so and keep Jeremy, he'll be looked upon to mentor Trae Young. If healthy, he could have a strong statistical season which he'll need coming into free agency as a 31 year old heading into the 2019-2020 season. Not much more you can say but just hang in there Jeremy. Things don't look so great now but we have to just keep the faith.

From Woj:

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

God's Perfect Plan for Jeremy Lin

Amazing post from Jeremy below! Honestly, I've been really bummed since his injury and just had no desire to post or follow the Nets without JLin playing. Having had time to sit back and reflect, JLin's belief that this could be the best thing for him in the long term, mirrors my own feelings. It always seemed that his physical foundation was not the best. From his posture, to his nagging injuries, something was not quite right. Now, with him rebuilding from the ground up, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well, I truly expect to see the best Jeremy ever. And that is an extremely exciting thought. Can't wait!

#NeverDone - 2017 was a tough year with the most devastating setback of my life. Since surgery, I refused to rewatch the injury. I’ve seen my fans support me in the past but with this injury, you guys all collaborated to make gifts. Some of which included hundreds or thousands of fans pitching into one gift, and you kept using #NeverDone which is now my 2018 mindset. This injury hurts in the short-term but I truly believe it’ll help my career in the long run. Im rebuilding myself mentally, physically and spiritually. Im finding ways to be better than before, leaving no stone unturned. Its about to be an epic comeback! So as you guys approach the new year, take every last setback to fuel going forward. Adversity forces us to reevaluate, adapt, improve. It forces us to ask the tough questions, to go the extra mile and push our limits. Comfort is the enemy of progress. Dont run from adversity, beast it! And lets not forget God always has a sovereign, perfect plan! Happy New Year!! #lovemyfans #grownmencrytoo (πŸŽ₯: @houseofhighlights)
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