Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Can't wait for this! Love the work Devin Williams does with his video's and his training of kids in the Bay Area.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Header and Trolls

We've selected the current header for our temporary header submitted by your sons voltaire. Thanks to all those who emailed in your designs.

Secondly, as it's been for almost 6 years since we've started this site, there are always a few who are obsessed with denigrating this site. I've had trolls that we've banned and deleted hundreds of times.


Just flag them and move on. We try our best to delete them as soon as possible. You can also email us through the contact button at the right to help in expediting the process.

Thanks so much!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Header contest! and Great Fit for JLin!

Our graphics person is away on vacation so we want to have a contest for a new temporary header for the site. We're going to have a new slogan "AllLin" to go along with Please email us your designs through the contact button on the right. If there is not a clear cut stand out design, we'll put it up to a fan vote...

The Charlotte Hornets were definitely not on my radar and not a team that instantly excited me, but after a little research and thought, I'm very happy with this situation for JLin.

The biggest thing for Jeremy right now is playing time, and with the current roster, Jeremy should get at least 30 minutes per game. The Hornets currently don't have a true starting 2 guard. Jeremy could easily be the starting 2 and slide over to the 1 as needed. Even if he doesn't start at the 2, he should still get lots of playing time. Mo Williams was the backup pg and played over 30 mpg last season putting up 17 and 6. I'm confident that Jeremy will at least meet but likely exceed these numbers.

I also like the make up of the team in terms of attitude and ego's. I don't see Jeremy having to deal with guys not passing him the ball on the outlet or jealousy and pettiness that we've seen over the past 3 years. The new additions of Nicholas Batum and Frank Kaminsky bring high IQ, shooting and versatility to this team.

Here are some lineups I can envision:


Marvin Williams (Kaminsky possibly)
Big Al

Small ball:



Big Al


Marvin Williams (poor man's Harrison Barnes)

All Def:

Marvin Williams
Cody Zeller

I'm really excited about the versatility of the roster and I know that Jeremy is hungry and ready to show everyone what he can really do when given the chance and the backing by his coach, teammates, and organization. I can't wait! Let's go Hornets!

Jeremy's hops and 3 point shot are looking good:

Jeremy's letter to his fans:

JLin to the Hornets!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Blessing in disguise?

It may not end up this way but it's looking more and more like there's not much choice for Jeremy except take 2.6 million for 1 yr with the Mavs using the stretch provision on Raymond Felton.

On the face of it, it sounds bad. Jeremy obviously is not getting the respect he deserves or the contract offers his actual numbers and play indicate. My take is that he is just not great as a back up roll player type guy. His turnover rate is just too high for playoff teams looking for a backup. He is a high risk, high reward player who needs the ball in his hands and needs shooters around him as well as high picks. There are just not many teams who have that type of team and are willing to let him do his thing.

So here is why it could turn out to be an incredible blessing:

The cap goes up significantly in the next 2 years due to the new TV revenue kicking in. With a good season, Jeremy will have a better chance for an at market contract, which could be huge.

Dallas actually needs Jeremy to be a primary ball handler.

Wes Matthews probably won't be ready until mid season recovering from the torn achilles , and CP will most likely not be ready at the start recovering from his knee surgery.

DJ is one of the best pick and roll big guys around. 

Jeremy will have a great chance to run pick and roll with DJ early and often before Wes and CP come back.

He'll have some shooters around him with Dirk, Villenueva, Justin Anderson, and of course Wes and CP when they are back.

So, if it all plays out this way, maybe it won't be such a bad thing. We shall see, but after 3 years of suffering, it has to get better, it just has to!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

JLin brings value

 I'm liking how things are shaping up for JLin.

See PG needs and fit at:

San Antonio (especially if they can't resign Cory Joseph)

Dallas (If Rockets match for Bev, I believe Lin is their next choice)

Portland (only pg right now is Lillard)

Golden State (if they don't resign Barbosa)

New Orleans (Gentry is D'Antoni disciple)

Philadelphia (not so much style as just playing time)