Thursday, October 18, 2018

That was ugly

Not a great way to start off the season for Jeremy or the Hawks. The team looked lost offensively and defensively pretty much the whole night. Jeremy had a nice spurt in the 1st quarter but was curiously pulled after 4 minutes. The 2nd quarter was a disaster with the Hawks giving up a Knick all-time record 49 points in that period. The game was pretty much over going into half time down 72-49.

As a Lin fan, there were a few positives. Number one, Jeremy didn't get hurt and made it through his first full game in almost 2 years. Secondly, he was able to get to the basket and finish strong a few times and his landings seemed under control. Obviously, Jeremy is not close to 100% and it will take some time as we talked about in an earlier post. It should take about 6-8 weeks to get close to full strength and in real game condition. Lets just forget about this one and move on to Memphis this Friday.


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Lets Go!

I can still remember Jeremy's rookie year. So nervous just to see if he'd be on the active roster. Well, we've been through so many peaks and valley's along the way. The lowest of lows getting cut on Christmas Day by the Rockets, the highest of high's with Linsanity in NYC. And here we are in his 9th season and I can't wait to see Jeremy back in action! With his recovery going well and looking pretty spry this preseason, I can't wait to see how things come together. As I said when I first analyzed the trade, the Hawks seem like a much better fit for Jeremy. Who knows how things play out over the season but I'm going to take things game by game enjoying every minute he is in. And what a great way to start off the season, back in NYC!

Lets Go Jeremy!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Final Preaseason Game: Hawks @ Heat

I love the way Jeremy is moving at this point. It seems like his rehab at Fortius has helped him stabilize his movements, landings, and posture. Explosion and quickness looks fine and should continue to improve over the next few months. As he builds up his stamina and strength, his 3 point shot will comeback. My big hope is that he’ll be able finish games playing along side Trae. It will be very interesting to see the rotations as Jeremy has not played with Trae much so far. Also, the injury to start the season to John Collins will open up minutes that could translate to more small ball.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Preseason Game #2 @ Grizzlies

It was very encouraging to see Jeremy moving pretty well in his first real action back from injury. Obviously, it'll take some time for his explosiveness and quickness to get back to pre-injury level. I'm very excited to see Jeremy playing along side Trae Young, which we will see vs the Griz. Trae is definitely a special player. He is Steph like with his quick shot release, handle, and confidence. He is not a great shooter like Steph and only shot 36% from 3 in college. However, where I think he really stands out is his passing and vision. Having two playmakers like Jeremy and Trae playing together will be deadly and tough to stop. Can't wait to see a glimpse.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Preseason Game #1 Hawks vs Pelicans

First game back after over 11 months of rehab. Praying that Jeremy is able to stay healthy and make a full recovery.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

The Next Chapter

The last few chapters have been forgettable but I'm always optimistic that the next one will be great. Can't wait to see JLin back on the court. Not sure he'll play much in pre-season and no idea where he is at physically. Guessing it may take a few months for him to get back into top playing condition but excited to see the progress.

Nice to see Jeremy running with the black shirts with John Collins and Taurean Prince, two studs.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

Happy Birthday JLin!!!

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As Jeremy Lin turns 30, lets see how Steve Nash and Jason Kidd did at the same age and beyond. I've always felt Jeremy's game was a cross between the two.

Steve Nash:

30 - LEAGUE MVP 15.5 PTS, 11.5 ASTS
30-38 - Played at high level

Jason Kidd:

30 - 15.5 PTS, 9.2 ASTS
37 - NBA CHhampionship
30-37 - Played at high level